Weight loss surgery: stomach reduction and other techniques

We often talk about nutrition, exercise, diet and tips that can help individuals who are overweight to retrieve the weight and live a healthy life. Today, however, we will cover remote light spectrum useful in all those cases in which, before the failure of drug Pure garcinia cambogia extract 100 percent all natural therapies for the treatment of obesity, surgery is the only way forward. The operation for dimagrirepiù spread is certainly the reduction of stomacoottenibile with various ways and techniques. The stomach reduction aims to accept less food in the stomach cavity and thus lead a more rapid feeling of fullness for the patient. The operations for both technical and non-invasive dimagrirecomprendono invasive both involving hospitalization of the patient and a thorough analysis of the case by the surgeon. Patients with a high index of obesity take seriously the idea to undergo an operation to lose weight following the bankruptcy of constant dieting. It is a choice to be taken seriously and with a proper awareness of the fact that some of questeoperazioni for weight loss are irreversible. Be forewarned that the post-operative is not moving easy and will make your willpower and determination in pursuing its goals. Your doctor should be your main reference point and your guide throughout your treatment. Below we will explain what are the main steps for weight loss planning substantially lariduzione the stomach and therefore the ability to store food inside.

What are the steps to lose weight we have available?

A premise is necessary: not everyone can undergo surgery for weight loss but it is up to the doctor to determine who may face surgery and how to do it. These techniques are exclusive for the treatment of severe obesity and serious, don’t really think to lose weight 20 kg, you provide a stomach reduction: this is insane.

Among the main steps to lose weight we can mention the application of intragastric balloon that is applied with the help of an endoscope, a probe that is lowered inside the stomach cavity and therefore non-surgical intervention. The operation involves the application of a silicone balloon in the stomach that is filled with water and a natural dye that will be useful in highlighting any loss due to perforation of the balloon. Part of the volume of the stomach is so “filled” from the balloon, reducing gastric volume and increasing the sense of satiety. Usually the balloon is left in the stomach for 6 months or so. Among the possible side effects include: ulcers, gastritis, esophagitis, nausea, vomiting, flatulence. On the feeling of fullness even gastric band surgery that involves placing a silicone ring right at the mouth of the stomach that is so restricted. Is a technique that leads to good results with a significant reduction in body weight. As in the case of the balloon, this leads to vomiting, acid reflux and nausea that can lead to the rejection of the operation. Gastro-restrictive interventions there is also vertical gastroplasty involves creating a secondary pocket inside the stomach that will be put in contact with the remaining cavity through a narrow orifice, neopiloro, which will help the patient to quickly get a feeling of fullness despite having ingested small amounts of food. Contraindications are the same as the other two surgeries, but this remedy can only be run on obese patients for at least 5 years old and suffering from severe obesity.

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Include blocking cannabinoid type 1 receptors interventions with vertical gastrectomy and gastric bypass metabolic effects. The first is the most widespread solution is based on the permanent removal of part of the stomach. Patients who undergo this surgery are able to eat just because you have the stomach physically smaller. Interventions of this kind can lead to dysfunctions in eating behaviour, but also in gastric fistulas. Interventions to reduce the absorption of nutrients are those that affect the digestive process itself and speakers so how absorption of food. We can mention the application of gastric bypass and the biliopancreatic diversion.