Ultrium LTO 5 Information Tapes – The Smart Backup Solution

Coming to the LTO 5 Tape, the reason it will be considered for data storage can be evident when the features it offers are discussed. To begin with the tape offers an enormous storage capacity of 15 TB, something which couldn’t be foreseen 5 to 6 years ago. Along with that the compression ratio of the cassette format is 2:1. What does this mean? Well basically the storage capacity can be raised to some maximum value of 3 TB. The single catch is the info has to maintain compressed format. The next most important attribute from a small business point of view is the data transfer rate. That is essential because it not merely vital that you rear your info that is critical but to do it as fast as possible. This makes this device perfect as it provides an attractive transfer rate of 140MB/s. Please go to our webpage at http://www.stutchdata.com.au/lto-5-lto5-lto-5-ultrium-5-tapes.html for more details.

Secure And User Friendly

The LTO 5 cassette offers user friendliness along with good security not usually seen in magnetic tape storage technology. The unit comes with the popular WORM (Write Once Read Many) characteristic. This guarantees that after the information has been written, it can’t be deleted, corrupted or overwritten. In addition, the device comes with the all new LTFS (Linear Tape File System) system. User friendliness that is great is allowed by this system by empowering users to utilize the device the same as any USB or flash drive as well as enabling simple drag and drop commands. The cassette includes better encoding techniques for an overall better functionality and enhanced encryption facilities, in respect to security.

Brands and Parts The LTO-5 cassettes is for sale in many various brands including Quantum, Maxell, Fuji, HP, IBM, Sony and Imation. All firms have introduced this generation in their own brand name. As an example there’s the HP C7975A LTO 5 Backup Tape Cartridge which offers all the advantages mentioned previously.

Massive capacity of 15TB and 140 MB/ second native speed make HP LTO5 compelling cassette -based solution for information -rich businesses. C7975A is the HP-branded LTO5 media cartridge. Tremendous 3 TB information can be reliably backed up onto HP LTO5 cartridge, so reducing the number of tapes needed for keeping huge databases. Therefore, the IT staff can efficiently handle the cassette media and you won’t have to forfeit the ledge space.

Setup of HP LTO5 system becomes flexible and simple as you are able to choose from a number of half and complete -height models of LTO 5 drives. That’s the reason HP LTO5 is perfect for complicated IT infrastructures, video archiving, midsized companies, management information systems, network back-ups, enterprise – class programs, data mining and popular servers.

HP LTO5 drives feature soft media loading system and an advantageous “dynamic data rate matching” functionality. The drive can adjust its speed when there is a change in the incoming data rate. Thus, the drive can economically backup the info without the pauses at a rate that is more rapid. Multi-vendor compatibility is a powerful feature of HP LTO tape solution. The users can exchange their corporate data that is sensitive in a heterogeneous LTO back-up system, which enhances the ROI and company response times. HP LTO 5 drives can resist high duty cycles and produce a tremendous backup rate of 1 TB per hour.

The HP C7975A cartridges can carry to distant sites with confidence, as their robustness has been considerably increased. The base film is extremely smooth, reducing the cassette friction and so enabling fast forward/rewind.

HP C7975A cartridge is a good choice for automated tape libraries and standalone back-up systems. Good news for value-conscious customers is that their present LTO cassette investments will probably be extended, as LTO5 tape drives offer two-generation backward compatibility. What’s more, the storage value is elevated by the outstanding performance with the market leading back-up programs and servers further.