Know What To Anticipate From Rhinoplasty Surgery

Basically, the look of the nose is simply changing. Whether it is contour or the size or for cosmetic or medical reasons it’s the same. A rhinoplasty is done by a cosmetic surgeon first making an incision either inside (most common) or outside the nose. This really is done to access the tissue and cartilage of the nose. Next, the plastic surgeon adds, either removes or rearranges tissue and the cartilage to get the look desired.

Once the size and shape of the nose is the way the surgeon desires it he will fold some of the nasal tissue over the incision and shut the wound. A splint is then put on the nose both to keep it safe from unintentional contact and to help it hold the new shape. The plastic surgeon may also pack the nostrils with a soft absorbent material to keep the new shape. If required the cosmetic surgeon can also make a support to help with respiration.

When packing is used to help with the contour of the new nose it can normally be removed after a day or two. The splint remains in place for 7-10 days and then is replaced with a smaller splint that will help to brace the new construction and keep the nose straight. During this first week most patients have appreciable swelling bruising and sometimes pain.

You must follow the cosmetic surgeon’s advice and instructions if you want your own new nose job to treat properly. To help with the inescapable swelling and bruises cold compresses are used and these will also help to relieve some of the pain. Pain medicines are also generally prescribed to help with the pain. In addition, you’ll be told never to blow your nose during this first week or two to help with the healing process and avoid unnecessary bleeding.

Most plastic surgeons recommend that you just keep the head elevated for the first day or two after your rhinoplasty. This will prevent blood from accumulating in the nose where it can create additional swelling, pressure and bleeding and in some cases cause damage to the nasal arrangement that is new. It is recommended that exercise be avoided for several weeks after your nose job and many plastic surgeons also recommend that you prevent direct exposure to the sun.

You are able to make sure that all the work and expense of your rhinoplasty is not squandered by following your plastic surgeons advice. The first week may be hard, but just think of how amazing your brand-new nose will look. That should be all the incentive you must follow proper rhinoplasty attention.