How To Use Real Pheromones

Always sit next to her so you can be close to her and touch her. I recommend changing venues at least once. That’s why I love getting coffee, yogurt, or having a drink because they are simple, and there isn’t too much stress about the date since “it’s just coffee.” Then, go out into the streets or to a park where you can enjoy the town and being together. Once you’re together, focus on building comfort, getting to know her and being physical, this is not shoving your tongue down her throat, this is light touching and being comfortable with this. You don’t want to let her feel like she could have you at any moment. This kills the tension. Have fun, be the Grounded Man and have somewhat of a challenging vibe. You do not need her, but you want her. Learn more at and
What to Talk About On the First Date 
The goal of the first date is to have fun, be yourself, and build a connection together. If you succeed at this, then the second date is inevitable. To take some pressure off of yourself, remember each of you have fifty percent responsibility for the conversation. It’s not all on you, but you can navigate the conversation in a way that builds a stronger connection in the shortest amount of time possible. In addition to the stimulating and meaningful conversation previously discussed, here are some fun conversation starters I like to talk about: “So, you told me you did ___ for a living. Tell me more about that?” “What do you enjoy most about that?” “What were you like in college?” “If money wasn’t an object, what would you want to do or be?” “I have a scenario for you. I can give you one plane ticket to anywhere in the world… where would you go?” “What book would you bring with you?” ”What movie can you watch over and over?” “What is your favorite way to spend the weekend?” “Were you a trouble maker or good girl growing up?” “What’s the boldest thing you’ve ever done?” “What are your guilty pleasure TV shows?” “Would you like to be famous? Doing what?” “What would make a ‘perfect day‘ for you?” At the end of each of these questions, be sure to answer the question yourself to share more about who you are and stay on that topic for a while vs. jumping from one question to the next. Learn more at
What Not to Talk About On the First Date 
I’m going to keep this real simple. Don’t complain or be negative about life, money, illnesses, family problems, your ex, sex, desire for marriage or children. Stay away from those things and focus on having fun, stimulating, and meaningful conversations, physically escalating and building a strong connection together. If you do that, you’ll be golden on your dates.
How To Use Real Pheromones
You want to focus on slowly, physically escalating with women from the moment you see her on the first date. Starting with a hug, to touching her lower back, to having your arm around her lower back and over her for a short while. The more you build up these light physical touches, the easier it will be to transition to a kiss. The best time to kiss is in the middle of the date when the emotions are spiked at the highest pheromone concentration.