How to lose fat, burn at 100%! Non-liquid.

Lose fat, not fat burning liquids.

The goal of this article is to show that often believed to lose fat effectively and instead only happened a weight loss and fat is just stood there where he was before. And so shortly after we resumed the pounds lost.

To burn fat we need to stimulate lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fat for use as an energy source.

All “diets” that promise to lose 5, 6 or more pounds in a month are made to make you fat. Oh yes, because losing weight and not lose weight means fat. Have you ever thought about that? Decrease bone and muscle masses and dehydrate tissues without reducing excess fat, can do no more than encourage the quick purchase of pounds lost, with lots of interests. And if someone among you will be arguing, “how, if the fat stays the same how do I get fat?”, knowing that his reasoning is wrong.

Losing weight without losing fat inevitably leads to a reduction in the basal metabolic rate. In practice your body will get used to burn fewer calories, with all the negative consequences of the case.

Basically if you do a crash diet and lose many kilos in a wrong way, prepare your body to consume fewer calories and therefore becomes a machine factory grease.

How much weight you can lose real fat in a week?

Doing some rough calculations, the actual fat that you can consume in a week, as far as possible and survival, IE not eating anything and doing physical activity is around 2 kg. So all the promises being made by so many quacks or as striscia la notizia “giallatani” are virtually impossible. It is true that if we do not eat and do physical activity for a week we could lose 6 or 7 pounds but only a maximum of about 2 kg will be fat and in so doing we would have destroyed our body, because the other 5 pounds lost are due to liquids. In this way we will be dehydrated, and we have contributed to the breakdown of muscle fibers.

So it makes sense to do is Stimulate lipolysis to better without hurting themselves and so we can get a real weight loss of about 2 kilograms per month, 100% pure lithium grease. Pounds that does not resume soon.

At the beginning, even making proper nutrition and physical activity, we will have a loss greater than that however we must not consider that much because you will be due to the loss of some liquids that will resume as soon as we reduce our activities targeted to weight loss such as diet and physical activity.

What to do to lose weight?

The response from the real pros don’t change now for several years, sadly often this answer does not like, why? Because it requires sacrifices and why it takes time. Dear reader or reader, how long have you been/or at the computer looking for miraculous remedies or diets that make you lose weight in a short time or with little effort? If you are reading this article means that still looking for something that you haven’t found. good weight loss programs Have you continued to do the yoyo weight? And then? Punto a capo? For weight loss really the first thing you should do is stop looking for simple solutions and understand that to lose weight seriously it takes seriously.

After you’ve figured out that you can wear to work.

You don’t have to necessasiamente do a strict diet, try to feed properly and without excesses, perhaps with a diet easy to follow as this, you can take a look by clicking here. It’s just an example, it would be best if I went to a good nutritionist to get some advice, especially if you have to take many pounds. Or continues to do research on the subject. In addition, physical activity is essential, if you’re lazy or lazy or don’t have time, don’t give a damn, fat with diet alone could even lose a few pounds but the results not being so exciting you stanchgeresti immediately. If you exercise you can afford a more rich and therefore less burdensome. Try doing physical activity only for 30/40 minutes a day, preferably on an empty stomach, is very effective, maybe get an exercise bike at home and in the morning when you get up take a deep bitter coffee or with sweetener and then riding. If you want to take some fat burning supplement such as bitter orange and caffeine to boost metabolism by spending a few dollars. Well organized and start the countdown of chili that you will lose.