Andalucia a dreamland to visit

Andalucía – The Dreamland of a Terrific Holiday


Andalucía is the Southern most region in Spain, and home to many renowned and incredible Spanish experiences. Tapas, flamenco and bullfighting have their origins in the region’s customs. Even the festivals held in this place are among the most vibrant and noisy. If you’re planning to go to Spain, you should not miss Andalucía and all the travel tips we will give you below. Another beautiful place to visit are the Javea villas which can be quickly reached from Alicante or Andalucia.

See a Bullfight

Unquestionably, bullfighting isn’t for everybody, but there is no denying that it is one of the activities that made Spain famous. Bullfighting started in the Roman Empire. However, they were completely developed by the Moors. The Moors originated from a Northern region of Africa and ruled over the Spanish region a long time ago. Initially, they were organized as ritualistic occasions. However, they later developed into spectator sports. In the contemporary age, bullfighting is a significant business in Andalucía. Many of the people that battle the bulls in the arena, the matadors, have the exact same recognition and incomes of football players in our country.

On your vacation to this region, you can take a look at the full calendar of activities to ensure you attend a bullfight. The city also has many museums dedicated to this sport. In the galleries you can find a collection of bullfighting history, costumes and photographs. A bullfighting competition in the area will make your trip worthwhile.

Visit Seville and Try Some Tapas


The capital city of Andalucía is Seville, so you should definitely go there. There you can find all the things that make Andalucía special, like tapas bars, wonderful scenery, Spanish wine and exquisite plazas. When you’re in this region, sampling tapas in Seville is a must. There are a lot of bars that have tapas all across Seville and you can quickly find one to suit your taste. Among the very best tapas bars in Seville are Santa Maria La Blanca, Calles Mateas Gago and Alfalfa. As the capital city of this area, Seville has every little thing travelers adore about Andalucía. From tapas to flamenco, all the wonderful things that make up the Spanish society can be experienced there. You can have great wines, take strolls in romantic plazas and go to tapas bars. When in Andalucía, you should go to at least one tapas bar. There are a lot of terrific options to choose from. One of the best tapas bars in Seville are Calles Mateas Gago, San Eloy, Santa Maria La Blanca and Alfalfa.

Dance the Flamenco

Flamenco is another cultural experience that should not be missed when having a vacation in Spain. Originally the song and dance of the gypsies in Andalucía, this fantastic dance has been brought back all across Spain by many committed groups of entertainers. Now, there are two kinds of Flamenco shows. Tablao is the kind of show that’s organised for touristic purposes, whilst Pena Flamenca is much more authentic and spontaneous, focusing on authenticity.

The Tablao dance is focused on the nightlife of Seville and is usually followed by a Pena Flamenca show, with beverages and tapas. The latter is more concentrated on the authentic, artistic side of Flamenco and a lot of people think about it as being the “genuine”, authentic side of Flamenco.

Go to a Festival


Festivals are certainly one of the best ways to experience Spanish culture. Hundreds of festivals are going on every year in Andalucía.

Among the most widely known celebrations are Feria de Abril, Holy Week and the Spring Fair. Holy Week is a holy festival, a ceremony with floats and idols. The Spring Fair honors the beginning of the warm seasons and is a fantastic vibrant festival with food, drinks and dances.

If you are considering visiting Spain, you must absolutely consider Andalucía, because it’s a region that can provide terrific experiences, which will become terrific memories for you and your family.