Nick B. Lovelycontact-ct-flamesI am working at Canada Post since I migrated to Ontario, after a tragic death of my wife and son in Nov 2009. I never forget the memories of my love and mesmerizing beauties of Lakeville, Connecticut, US.

Last year I attended few webinars and learned how I can share my stories and memories about Connecticut through a simple online blog. I was very excited to gather all my feelings and my knowledge about Connecticut (CT) because I always thought that no one could understand what I feel and believe about the only place in this world which is not a part of this planet (as I feel).

Some unique colors and smells in the Tri-State area can be found only in Connecticut state. Also, I feel I can see a night rainbow in winter, which is absolutely one of the wonders of Lakeville, Connecticut.

I will experiment and try to write articles for new people and migrants to this land, but I will also try to share information of this state like yellow pages or reviews based articles as I learned in webinars, I hope you will like my efforts and help me to discover my core topics on which I should concentrate and left the rest of unfolded chapters for other authors.

I chose the name of this blog as CT Flames, I disappointed when I came to know this name is not available in .com extension, but I was very confident about not to change the name because this name sounds as it expresses my feelings about Connecticut, So I acquired this name through a domain booker.

That was a little story behind this blog, if you feel you have some great experience and unique feelings about Connecticut, please let me know and send me an email at: nick (@) ctflames.com

Nick B. Lovely